Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: A Gaga Year in Fashion

It just so happens that this is the first post of WeHateNormal, and today is the first day of 2012. So what better way to start, than to look back at the past year in fashion? Not just fashion in general, but Gaga fashion. Lady Gaga represents the essence of WeHateNormal perfectly; she embraces the anti-fashion, finds liberation in her style, and has started a freakdom revolution. Now, lets rewind a year and highlight her roll in 2011 fashion. 

January 2011 - Gaga Named Musical Director for Thierry Mugler
In January 2011, Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga's fashion director and stylist, put together his first menswear show since taking over the brand Thierry Mugler. Many of you may remember this show for it's poster boy, heavily tattooed Rick Genest (AKA "Zombie Boy.") This show was his runway debut, and he was later featured in Gaga's "Born This Way" music video. The show featured never-heard-before music by Lady Gaga: a special remix of "Scheiße." 

March 2011 - Gaga Makes Runway Debut in Mugler RTW Fall 2011 Show
In March 2011, Lady Gaga hit the runway for the first time. She walked in the Thierry Mugler womens RTW fall 2011 show in support of Mugler's Creative Director, Nicola Formichetti. She walked to her own music: a provocative, industrial techno remix of "Born This Way, " "Government Hooker,"  and "Scheiße." This show was remarkably exciting; it brought sex and darkness to high fashion. Gaga and Formichetti are a compelling duo; they both believe in surpassing the conventional ideas of high fashion. They believe that high fashion can be provocative and street-inspired, and that it should always be empowering and liberating. 

June 2011 - Gaga Named Fashion Icon at CFDA Fashion Awards
It's no wonder why Lady Gaga won this award at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards. Everyone is always thinking: "What will Gaga wear?." Some non-fashion people might think her 12-inch Noritaka Tatehana shoes, wigs of every color, and face masks are ridiculous, and she may be criticized by the masses, but in the world of style, we know she is godly. Her dedication to unconventionality is admirable. She never bores us and she can pull off any look. Her transparent bodysuits, her shoes that seem to defy gravity, and her accessories made of latex, plastic, and hair, are all iconic. Following are some photos from the awards and the after party, where she wore custom Mugler.

September 2011 - Gaga for Mugler Womens RTW Spring 2012
Although Lady Gaga did not walk for Mugler womens RTW spring 2012, she did make an appearance. The show opened with a video of her, which built up some hype for the show, considering her huge fan-base. With pigtails and buck-teeth, she sharply exclaims: "I am a Mugler woman. Don't fuck with me. Don't fuck with Mugler." Once the show started, the models walked to her music. Thiis time it was "Black Jesus Amen Fashion."

November 2011 - Gaga's Workshop Opens at Barneys New York
Lady Gaga collaborated with Barneys New York to transform the store's fifth floor into Gaga's Workshop: a Gaga-themed holiday store. The store donates twenty-five percent of proceeds to Gaga's new Born This Way Foundation. Gaga's Workshop sells Gaga-esque stockings, candy, plush dolls, and replicas of some of her famous accessories, such as sunglasses and teacups. Gaga cut the ribbon (In beautiful Chanel Haute couture,) officially opening the store, on Novemeber 21st, and it will close tomorrow, January 2nd.

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