Friday, January 20, 2012

Sleek & Slippery Strands

The soaked and shining hair trends will soon trickle down from the spring runway shows and onto the streets. The hair was sloppy & sopping-wet at Helmut Lang, slick & saturated at Alexander Wang, and sleek & shiny at Prabal Gurung. Each of these looks is fabulous. Try them all, mix and match, and make it your own. Because the look is messy and uncontrolled, you can have fun with it. You might get weird looks, and the general public might think you haven't washed your hair in a few weeks, but screw them. Tell them you're a fashionista, the look is high-fashion, and you hate normal!

Alexander Wang

 Prabal Gurung

 Helmut Lang

So how can you create this look? 

To achieve the soaking, saturated look at Alexander Wang, hair stylists used Redken Volumizing Mousse from root to end. Then, they created a center part with their finger, because using a comb makes it look too controlled. And to finish off, they applied Redken Glass Serum all over. Simple as that!

Over at Prabal Gurung, hair stylists used Fekkai Extra Control Styling Gel, and then created a center-part and combed the hair back. To finish off, they sprayed Fekkai Sheer Shine Mist on top of the head. The bottom half was left dry and flat-ironed.

The hair stylists at Helmut Lang achieved the sloppy wet look by preparing the hair with Tigi Salt Spray, followed by an unspecified texturizing cream. In my opinion, the best texturizing product for this look is Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste. It gives hair the dirty, "day after washing" feel, which will make it easier to work with if you want to tie it in a knot, like the models in the Helmut Lang show. To get that knot, hair stylists put the hair in a ponytail using only their fingers, divided it into two sections, and tied each in a knot. Finally, they sprayed Tigi Bed Head Shine Mist all over the hair to give it that extra dewy shimmer.

Remember, if you're going to give it a go, have fun with it! You don't have to stick to any rules. 

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