Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Breaking It In

My wonderful friend Chelsea has convinced me to change my plans for this blog a little bit. I didn't think I would ever post anything having to do with myself, but after hearing her words, it sounds like a wonderful idea. Here's what she had to say:

"There are tons of fashion blogs out there, anyone can post that stuff. But Nicky, you're 18 and you're going to fashion school in New York City. You're finally coming into your own and getting comfortable with yourself. People would love to read about your experiences, and nobody else can write about that."

After hearing her say that, I completely agree. I didn't realize that to someone else, my life might actually be interesting. I do have wonderful experiences living in New York City and attending FIT, so from now on I will post about them here. And when I do post something kind of personal, I'd like my readers to have a little bit of background knowledge on me, so here we go.

That's me; I'm Nicky. I'm an 18 year old boy (which causes quite a bit of confusion.) I've been called androgynous, genderless... whatever you want to call it, I'm just me. This is my first year attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. My major is Fashion Merchandising Management. I grew up in Long Island, New York, but relocated to New York City for school. The past few months living in the city have been the best few months of my life. It has been wonderful living without judgement from my parents, and my narrow-minded hometown. My parents, along with the general population from home, do not understand me, nor do they understand fashion. I'm home on winter break right now and it's miserable. When I come home, I have to revert to the old me, and I hate the old me. I was afraid to shine, afraid to stand out from the crowd, and afraid to stray from my parents' expectations. But when I'm in New York City, I truly live my life the way I want to live it, and that's when I love myself. 

So I'll stop myself there, before I give write too much. There you have some very basic, primary background information on me. I hope to let my readers get to know me on a much larger scale through future posts, but don't worry, all future posts will be fashion related, so please keep reading! :)

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