Sunday, January 15, 2012

Skeletal Statement Pieces

I recently came across Os Accessories and was immediately intrigued. The pieces are all so beautiful, yet they give off a feeling of darkness and dreariness; it's quite compelling. Os Accessories is a very raw, edgy brand based in the Philippines. They design accessories from necklaces to hats to harnesses, all made with synthetic skeleton. Every beautiful bone they design is made from polyurethane, but each one looks hauntingly close to the real thing. So far the brand has three collections, all of which are available to purchase from their online shop. I'm currently lusting after the Rib Cage Harness and Spinal Cord Harness from the third collection, which is the best collection yet, in my opinion. Here's a closer look. 

OS Vol. 2 from Matthew Valeriano on Vimeo.

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